Mobile Warehouse Tracking: Why Warehousing Facilities Should Track Real-Time

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Mobile Warehouse Tracking: Why Warehousing Facilities Should Track Real-Time

Warehouse managers face many challenges as they aim to streamline processes, monitor a host of activity, and increase efficiency across the board. In an ever-changing world where consumers want better products at a faster pace, it can be hard to keep up. But luckily, technology is on the side of warehouse managers everywhere. New systems in IT technologies allow you to easily speed processes and reduce costs with just the click of a button. These solutions give you a view of your business you’d never be capable of seeing without the help of modern technology. Learn more about real-time tracking of your warehouse from the experts at contractERP.

Mobile warehousing

If you’re a company that supplies doors, frames, hardware, commercial contract glazing material, or any other specialty building product, the contractERP mobile warehousing system was created specifically with you in mind. Suppliers just like you are benefiting from our Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) to dramatically improve efficiency of their facility. The real-time tracking system allows you to enhance the shop order workflow with mobile device-based picking, time collection, and movement transactions.

How it works

WMS has monitoring and controlling all elements of your warehouse, including receiving, putaway, picking, shop orders, work orders, warehouse movements, and shipping. Even if you run multiple warehouse locations, they can all be monitored through the WMS. A mobile scanning device allows you to follow products along the chain and even see which employ scanned an item in upon reaching your warehouse. This allows you to find holes in your processes and eliminate any obstacles. You’ll gain visibility of your business like you’ve never had before.

Real-time tracking

Download the WMS app directly to your phone, laptop, or desktop computer to get started with real-time tracking of your warehouse. When employees scan a transaction, the process will be recorded within the app so you can review purchase orders, analyze inventory, create shop orders, and review geographical and other data to optimize delivery activities. Use the Visual Scheduling Board to manipulate delivery assets with a simple drag and drop process on your screen.

ContractERP’s Warehouse Management Solution meets the needs of everyone in your organization. As an owner, general manager, or project manager, you’ll see how WMS creates growth and obvious ROI for your company. You’ll get rid of blind spots and have a whole new layer of supply chain management to improve your process. Learn more about how you can track and automate systems so your employees can perform only the most valuable tasks and leave the rest to reliable technology. It’s time to dial in your warehouse with ContractERP.