Company Details

Company Name:
Twin City Hardware Company

Opening and access solutions for commercial, architectural, and residential construction projects

Oakdale, MN

System(s) Replaced:


Twin City Hardware Company

“The system has eliminated mistakes and improved efficiencies of our large projects. It will continue to grow with our business.”

Matt OberlanderBusiness OperationsTwin City Hardware Company

Customer Success:

  • 60% decrease in time and resources consumed manually typing part numbers and creating sales orders.
  • Nearly a 50% decrease in data-entry errors measured by credits issued while improving data integrity and reliability.
  • Fully integrated solution increased efficiencies of large projects and provides full visibility into all activity enhancing results for high-value and special-needs clientele.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting across entire company enables quick decisions and actions.


  • Expanding national presence at 5 locations requiring one system and one data source.
  • Contract sales managed mostly externally and without company-wide consistency between project managers.
  • Former process required detailing software to contract handling data to be re-keyed causing mistakes and taking excessive time.
  • Patchwork of all disparate applications was difficult to manage and required costly and time-consuming maintenance, integrations and troubleshooting.


  • contractERP® implemented at all 5 locations and supports unified inventory, future growth, and rapid expansion.
  • Full integration with new front-end detailing software, e/PWS.
  • contractERP® supports its financials, inventory, order management, third-party warehouse partnerships and other core business processes.
  • Solution supports rapid changes in work orders and materials.