Turn Work Away

Do you worry about maintaining your reputation as you struggle to keep pace with the demands of growth? Have you identified areas of your company that aren’t working as efficiently as they could be? Is your inefficiency causing you to miss opportunities?

contractERP provides an ERP platform that delivers efficiency and profitability by dividing your major projects into replicable, quantifiable, and manageable tasks – it puts everything you and your people have to do during the day into an easy-to-understand and easy-to-manage box. contractERP is built on the immensely powerful Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but has been augmented and adapted to work specifically for door and hardware distribution, window and door manufacturing, commercial building materials, division 10 distributing, specialized commercial equipment and security industries. contractERP will drastically improve your profitability without requiring you to drastically change your business.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the ideal solution when a company is drowning in repetitive tasks, when a company doesn’t know what’s happening from department to department, when data is corrupted or lost, or when it’s impossible to effectively manage inventory.

mature ERP software, like contractERP, should contain project management functionality that automates and integrates each user’s tasks, effectively shrinking his workload and increasing his capacity. When used across an organization, the project management features in contractERP provide everybody with a clear, accurate, and real-time picture of what’s going on, which enhances communication between departments and reduces redundancy.

Common Problems contractERP  Solves

  • Order processing — Do you have employees entering labor-intensive order entry and inventory management data?
  • Project management — Can your project manager easily access information about resources, projects, and billing?
  • Purchasing — Do you know how much inventory you have, so that you can make smart purchasing decisions?
  • Delivery management — If a customer calls to ask about a shipment, can anyone in your company easily access the correct information to answer your customer’s question?
  •  Billing — How many spreadsheets and people are involved in your billing processes?


When a company is small, spreadsheets sometimes do make sense. Each department can create their own spreadsheet to manage their own responsibilities, and it does the job — for a while. But as a company grows, it becomes crucial that departments have access to real-time data. Customer service needs to see shipping information, and accounting needs to see inventory information. Project managers need to see everything. Spreadsheets slow down all processes, as employees become reliant on speaking to the right person in the right department — but never at the right time. In addition, with a lack of communication across departments, costly redundancies arise. contractERP integrates all information, making important data accessible in real time, allowing you to foresee potential disasters and steer clear of them.

Better Customer Service and Inventory Control

Do you struggle to answer customers’ questions in a timely manner, or to get shipments out on time? Do you oversell your inventory, or worse yet, do you have a growing boneyard?

contractERP can reduce the time and effort it takes your people to manage inventory, while improving the visibility they need to provide exceptional customer service.

Eliminating Guesswork

Do your projections and inventory planning involve a hefty dose of guesswork? Do you have to talk to all the heads of departments before you can make a decision? Even then, are you still a little unsure if you’re making the right decision?

And when all is said and done, do you find you made a decision you didn’t need to make?

Because of the integrated information, contractERP allows you to avoid the redundancy of asking multiple people for information and of making decisions that have already been made. You’ll be able to recapture margins that were lost in inefficiency.

Get More Information About ERP Software

What are your biggest challenges with redundancy? Inventory, growth, control, counter sales, billing, or something else? Let ContractERP prepare a brief demo to show you how we can help you solve your biggest problems.