Today’s Software Working Alongside Tomorrow’s Technology

Tracking manufacturing details requires more than homegrown spreadsheets and workarounds. Here are six ways that ERP software technology makes all the difference. Also, it provides a strong foundation for your manufacturing business.

1- It Integrates AIA Billing

No more will AIA billing be time-consuming, complicated, and potentially error-ridden.

ConttractERP software will show you the complete billing picture at once and in real time. This includes accounting for multiple performance obligations, grouping product categories together, and accurately tracking inventory levels and records. Additionally, the software bills items as they’re shipped and simplifies invoices.

2- It Accounts for Retainage

Retainage provisions are important when dealing with large-scale, complex, and costly construction projects.

Retainage accounting is the ContractERP software solution to ensuring percentages for each contract have correct calculations. Also, the software accounts for everything. Therefore, your project can continue to run free of error and positive in cash flow.

3- It Tracks Down to the Opening Level

Managing every exterior and interior opening with its corresponding size and hardware details is a huge task. From fabrication to billing, it is necessary to track every piece, every step of the way.

ContractERP software provides every spec and detail throughout the process, even down to the opening level assigned on the architectural plans.

4- It Coordinates Returned Materials

The ever-growing pile of unused returned stock or leftover from jobs can be an unexpected place to look for a profit.

Rather than letting those items sit and take up precious inventory space, ContractERP software will coordinate the necessary steps required to return the items back to the vendor, reassign them to a new project, place them back into inventory stock, disassemble for individual parts, or write them off.

5- It Imports Information from Submittals

No one wants to repeat work. Not only is it a waste of time but also the chance of error increases each time a key detail is re-keyed.

The Direct Import feature of ContractERP software automatically pushes all submittal details directly into the system so your office staff can spend their time on more important office management tasks and customer satisfaction rates.

6- It Protects with Management Approvals

Protect your bottom line from low bids and unprofitable change orders. Managers have the option of locking in profit percentages so you never end up footing the bill or wasting your time taking jobs that won’t be worth it in the end.

With these six foundational technologies, you will find your business on sure footing for the future in manufacturing.