ERP Software Feature: Service & Repair Contract Management

Electrical components, automatic locks, ballistic components, lead linings, and biometric readers are just a few of the specialty hardware components which require a specialized knowledge for installing and servicing correctly.  

Your team already possesses such knowledge and experience so it makes sense for them to be the ones to install and service distributed doors with specialty features.

Why You Should Consider Getting Into Installation and Repair

Revenue is thin and margins are thinner. Those are reasons enough why many door and hardware distributors are getting into the installation and service side of the business. By doing so, your company can expand its niche and capture previously untapped income.

There is also another reason why you should consider sending your own team to install and service specialty doors and hardware. The fact is, a typical construction worker is not likely to know the intricacies involved in properly installing electrical and other technologically advanced components. Because of this, the time it takes to install will be lengthy and there will likely be much confusion and possible errors.

It also makes little economic sense to distribute such doors without also offering the technical support required to maintain them in the future. So whether you are sending doors to a hospital, school, government building, or any other client, you should recognize the profit potential in service expansion.

How ERP Software Can Help

Access IT built the Service and Repair Contract Management feature into contractERP software to help ease the time consuming and oftentimes confusing task of handling such contracts.

With customized technology and a thorough understanding of the door and hardware service/repair sector, no detail has been left out. Plus, contractERP adds every convenience. It is aimed at the two goals of easing your workload and padding profits.

Creates Work Orders

Additionally, contractERP creates work orders quickly and with an attention to specifics. These also mimick the process of a shop order but designed to manage a labor task that is not production-based.

If needed, a Recurring Service Contract can be automatically scheduled for performing preventative maintenance.

Assigns and Supports Tasks

When a sales order or contract sale creates an installation or service tasks, ERP software will also support the following:

  • Work Order Dispatch
  • Piece Based or Time & Material type tasks
  • The conversion of a sellable item into a customer serviceable item
  • Task Management Worksheet
  • Visual Scheduling Board
  • Mobile Service


The Service and Repair Contract Management feature tracks every detail of each project, including:

  • Equipment Serial Numbers
  • Opening Levels
  • Warranties

Real-Time Entry

Every entry into the system happens in real-time. This gives managers both a snapshot of individual projects and an overall view of every project combined. This allows decisions to be made quickly and confidently. Also, managing projects will become much less complicated.

Mapping Integration

Utilizing the integrated map feature gives your installers and service operators the best drive route in order to reduce delays and wasted time.

Material Services

A viable, lighter-weight service solution for many companies, Material Services extends the support of labor-based offerings. The feature does this by adding tasks that have a direct relationship to specific sold material lines. This can either be from either a contract or a sales order.

Find Out More

In the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the hefty demands of your clients. Couple those demands with the ever-present pressure to reduce prices in order to compete and it is easy to find yourself barely scraping by on the thinnest of margins.

The good news is that contractERP software can help. By cutting overhead costs, improving speed and accuracy, and increasing sales (all without sacrificing quality and customer service) your business can thrive.

To discover how contractERP software for door and hardware distributors will allow your complex service and repair contracts to run smoother and bring in more money, request a free demo today!