Improving Visibility into Project Profitability in the Division 8 and Door and Hardware Industries with an ERP Solution

As a manufacturer or distributor of building products, you’re an expert at what you do. Getting the job done right the first time, every time, is a daunting task that requires skill and precision.

However, even the most skilled project manager can have a difficult time managing project profitability. That’s because in order to tell if a particular project is on the road to profitability—in real time—you need to have instant access to a wide range of relevant data points and the ability to interpret them. You need a simultaneous birds-eye and microscopic view into each contract and project, such as:

  • Order processing and pricing
  • Inventory and workflow
  • Work orders
  • Accounts payable and collections
  • Much more

Obviously, this is where the best project managers can really distinguish themselves. Being able to identify potential problems and make adjustments in real time can have a huge impact on profitability later on. But even the best project manager can get overwhelmed with too many projects, making it difficult to scale and grow your business.

Thankfully, ContractERP software can turn your effective project managers into rock star project managers.

ContractERP Is Built Around Contracts

The thing that distinguishes ContractERP the most from other ERP systems is that our software is built around contracts. In the world of building product manufacturers and distributors, individual contracts often drive your inventory and workflow. It only makes sense then that your ERP software should be contract-based.

ContractERP focused on giving you visibility into all your contracts. You’ll get up-to-date, real-time data to help you manage the minutest details of each project, while simultaneously forecasting profitability.

Personalized User Roles

Too much data isn’t necessarily a bad thing—but it can definitely get in the way of your ability to do your job effectively.

With the ability to set up and customize “user roles,” each employee only sees what they need to see. While this might seem restrictive, it’s actually freeing. It allows you to trust key employees with tasks you used to have to tackle on your own. It also makes it easy to train and bring new employees up to speed.

ContractERP Gives You Ultimate Visibility and Control

Managing profitability is all about visibility and control. You need to anticipate problems as well as opportunities—and then you have to be able to do something about them.

Ultimately, that’s what ERP software is all about. With ContractERP, you have the capability to:

  • Coordinate and consolidate purchases
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Manage inventory and purchasing as it pertains to individual contracts
  • Fix work orders and scheduling, also in real time
  • Manage accounting on a contract basis

Work Small, Win Big

Your ability to grow profits without also growing costs can be summed up with this simple phrase: “Work Small, Win Big.” ContractERP allows you to grow sales and profit margins at the same time—learn how by downloading our latest whitepaper, “The ABCs of ERP.”