Project Managers Love contractERP’s Software for These 9 Reasons

project manager needs erp system

As an overworked, overstressed project manager, you need a way to increase your workload capacity while improving your efficiencies. When you trust contractERP with the intricate details of your project’s workflows, sales, and overhead tracking, you’ll succeed!

It’s been found that 87% of high-performing companies use project management software. Keep reading to find out why project managers love using contractERP to help them reach their project and career goals in the building products and equipment supply industries.

1- Tasks are Streamlined and Automated

Simplify operations and increase capacity. Those are the goals of every project manager and it’s now easy to accomplish them with contractERP software. From initial bid all the way to delivery and post-work review, many of your repetitive tasks can now be automated saving you a lot of time, money, and brainpower. You’ll be very satisfied with the speed and ease with which these mundane tasks are completed.

2- A Technology-Based Future is Secured

ContractERP can help you secure a reliable, technology-based future where processes are efficient, advanced data collection and reporting is the norm, and mistakes are rare.

Some of the advanced tools integrated into our project management software include tracking and performance monitoring, oversight, planning and scheduling, resource allocation, measurement and forecasting, and critical analysis.

3- Visibility is Increased

The failure to communicate and collaborate consistently with team members is one of the leading factors in project failure. However, when everyone involved in a project is aware of objectives and strategy risks and communicates clearly and often, accountability is fostered and desired goals are achieved.

In today’s busy work environments, project managers rarely have the time to study detailed reports in order to foresee and plan for critical factors that arise in every project. Project managers can increase the likelihood of project success by a fair amount when relevant and current information is available to them regularly. According to one study,  26% of respondents say effective team communication played a key role in project success.

4- Fewer Inventory Tracking Problems Occur

Intelligently manage inventory for each project by automatically scheduling production and delivery of goods. You’ll now be able to better coordinate the supply chain, standardize static stocks, improve warehouse utilization systems, optimize stocking levels, and increase working capital.

When your inventory forecast is improved, so is current and future supply and demand along with order fulfillment performance.

5- Extensive Billing Solutions are Available

For all of your various billing tasks, we have solutions. You’ll now have help with:

  • Tracking billable hours
  • Inputting timesheets and payroll
  • Sending client invoices and payment reminders
  • Online payment collections and online bill pay
  • Creating estimates
  • Submitting expense reports
  • Viewing profitability and other financial statements
  • Tracking budget costs and revenues
  • And more!

You’ll now have more confidence knowing where and when the money comes and goes.

6- Increased Profits

A full 26% of firms say they get a 25% or greater return on investment when they implement project management software.

Rather than spending hours painstakingly accounting for every penny of every project, contractERP will track all income and expenses for you. It will even show you ways to increase your profitability by using advanced accounting techniques and showing you where you can save money or how to better allocate it.

7- Reduce Growth Risks

Growing can be scary business, but it doesn’t have to be! With day-to-day tasks taken care of, you can focus more on your company’s long-term goals rather than being forced to see only short-sighted issues. You’ll now be able to move forward confidently as you expand into new products and markets.

8- Rely on Experience

There is no substitution for experience. It takes years to acquire and without it, decisions fall flat and leadership doesn’t happen. We not only have the needed experience but we can also show you how to better utilize your own operational experience in order to customize our software to best meet your needs.

9- Long-Term Relationships and Rock Solid Customer Service

The key to success in any business is the ability to rely on dependable service providers and long-term relationships. With rock-solid customer service, we’re here for you every step of the way. We’re in it for the long haul!

To learn more about what contractERP project management software can do for you, contact us so we can prepare a demo specifically for your needs.