Company Details

Company Name:
Lindquist Security Technologies

Doors, Hardware and Electronic Security

Stratford, CT

System(s) Replaced:
Rapid 21


Lindquist Security

“What used to take getting answers from multiple people with significant follow-up time is now at our finger tips.”

Robert Burke, AHCPresidentLindquist Security Technologies

Customer Success:

  • Finance team is focused on adding value to the business rather than manipulating data across disparate and incompatible applications.
  • Reporting is enhanced by giving management hands-on reporting capabilities, reducing the need for IT involvement.
  • Single business platform powers distribution, service, and install with greater synchronization between departments.
  • Operational efficiencies in contractERP® translate to bottom line, while reporting helps management make strategic business decisions for growth.


  • Manual project management processes hindered Linquist’s professional services efforts to take on larger and more complex projects.
  • Business performance and visibility were hindered by the lack of real-time actionable data and no single view of projects.
  • Multiple systems and applications created need for duplicate data entry, limited visibility, costly IT overhead and staffing requirements.
  • Rapid growth required accessible, user-friendly system to scale with the business.


  • contractERP® provides a comprehensive business management system, including financials, invoicing, accounts payable, expenses, and bank payment runs.
  • Role-based, real-time dashboards give users instant visibility into KPIs.
  • contractERP® integrated inventory management ensued unified, lower, and more accurate stock levels.