Five Reasons for Taking Your Warehouse Digital

As you know, suppliers in the building products and equipment industry manage a lot of moving parts…sometimes even thousands of them.

The constant flux of incoming and outgoing pieces can create big challenges for tracking inventory and the required financial accounting that goes along with it. Simply put, it’s just too big of a job with too high of stakes to leave it to best guesses and crossed fingers. The livelihood of your business demands accuracy and immediacy.  

This is where ERP Software comes in. By tracking your inventory, both on the component level and in sets, from the architectural plans through the life of the project, everyone on your team will enjoy seeing real-time results. This results in a great deal of savings in both time and money. These inventory tracking techniques include:

Tracking Levels

A stock item has a lot of stops on its journey to installation. These stops can include architectural designing, ordering, manufacturing, shipping, processing, delivering, and installing…just to name a few.

The good news is that ERP software tracks your stock at every stop! You will no longer need to guess where your order is in the process or if it’s even where it should be at any given time. Special orders, custom pieces, and returns that need to be processed are no longer considered troublemakers because they get in on the tracking action as well.

Being able to track each component individually as well as in a set can prove to be invaluable. Allowing your deliverers and installers the capability of tracking their pieces down to the architectural plans is indispensable.


Having advanced inventory tracking on your side, scaling your business without sacrificing quality of service is easier than you might think.

Eliminating your random inventory databases and home-grown spreadsheets vastly reduces the need for time-intensive workarounds, especially for specialized stock and custom orders. Plus, by automating the repetitive and mundane aspects of inventory, ERP software will allow your employees to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

These advantages don’t only equal more reliability and better customer service, but importantly allow your business to take on a higher and more profitable workload.

Real-Time Results

One real ERP software benefit is the inclusion of real-time results. Modern business is as competitive as ever. To keep up with the competition, speed is key. With thousands of individual components to track across possibly dozens of projects, nothing but immediate inventory visibility should be deemed acceptable.

Often, you will find yourself needing to know exactly where your inventory levels stand, right now. This is where ERP systems shine. You will have 100% stock visibility and tracking at all times, no matter if you’re in the office or on site. This alone can make the difference in getting your gear in the right place at the right time, beating out slower competitors, and winning more lead time.

For more information on what ERP software can do for your inventory tracking needs or more inventory tracking techniques, contact ContractERP today for a free demo!