How ERP Software Can Improve Communication

Are your project managers, contractors, and installers all communicating ineffectively or does it seem that there are miscommunications at every turn? Unfortunately, these problems are all too common when there are so many facets to every contract and so many hands working together.

The good news is that keeping a handle on every point in the conversation doesn’t have to be so hard. All it takes to get everyone together on the same page is an efficient, real time solution.

Find out how ERP software helps by minimizing miscommunication problems. Therefore, your projects can run smoother, on time, and more profitably.

Project Manager Approvals

Keep on top of every entry and change made in the ERP system so that you can always be aware of what’s happening on the ground.

Also, there is an option to “lock” specific entries or to require prior approval before changes are made. This feature protects profit percentages by only changing orders when appropriate.

Systemic Collaboration

The difference with ContractERP software versus other ERP software is the automatic connection with third-party submittal software. Rather than needing to re-enter all of the specifics into a homegrown program, a simple push of the export button puts every detail right where it belongs. You can quickly receive accurate stock inventory, order number, price, and shipping dates. This helps work begin immediately.

Release Schedules

Keeping everyone up on the latest release schedules is a pertinent talking point on each building project. With an ERP system, a contractor can assign separate dates for each installation portion of a contract. The system then takes those dates and calculates lead times for each component. This schedule is automatically updated in real time. Plus, the information is readily available to every person assigned to the project.

In turn, your subcontractors will appreciate this form of automatic communication. They will be better able to meet your deadlines and ensure high client satisfaction.

Visual Delivery

This feature is especially useful on large building projects with many installations. The software deliverers not only a site address, but also a real-time map with the fastest delivery route already programmed in.

Plus, since every stock item is tracked down to the opening level on the architectural plans, everything will get dropped off exactly where it belongs without any confusion or any wasted time getting things moved around. This ERP system capability lessens downtime and keeps your projects running on time and on budget.

When ContractERP software is used to control changes and approvals, automatically collaborate with third-party submittal software, keep everyone up-to-date on the latest release schedules, and get products delivered correctly and timely, your misfires due to miscommunication will decrease rapidly, opening the potential for your profits to greatly increase.

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