How Does Automated Project Billing and Commission Management Improve Your Business?

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Headaches. Every company has them. Some are unavoidable, but what if most could be eliminated?

When you implement automated project billing and commission management into your company’s ERP system, you’ll be relieved to see your company operate more efficiently.

Business owners and managers in the door and hardware distribution, window and door manufacturing, commercial building materials, division 10 distribution, specialized commercial equipment, and security industries are realizing they can reduce costs and receive payment for completed projects faster while simplifying administrative processes.

How many headaches would that eliminate from your day-to-day operations?

Reduce Administrative Costs

Administrative costs come out of your pocket. The automated project billing and commission management component of ERP software helps keep money in your pocket by easily taking care of several administrative tasks.

When you’re using a manual system for tracking billing and commission, your employees and administrators have to manage several steps — from entering time and expenses, to getting the correct approval, to re-entering information into a payroll system and more.

And the paper trail involved in each project can be immense — from receipts to invoices to time sheets and more, it’s easy for important information to disappear.

When you use an automated system, approvals go to the right person immediately. Calculations and reports are managed in real time, eliminating guesswork. You use one system, and the paper trail becomes unnecessary.

With less busy work, follow-up and paper to manage, your administrative costs can be significantly reduced.

Simplify the Billing Process

Timesheets. They can be the bane of a manager’s or administrator’s existence. Do you have to track down employees for their timesheets? Do your employees regularly struggle to fill them in correctly?

When you’re operating on timesheets, your employees have to manage several forms with different project codes, which can get complicated and unorganized. Employees may not track their time accurately, and may forget how much time they’ve spent on something. And if they’re outside the office, it becomes difficult to track and fill in time.

Excel sheets and handwritten notes won’t cut it, especially when your commercial building products business is growing.

Automated project billing eliminates this headache for you through a web-based system that provides employees with automatic reminders.

Imagine how easy it would be to have project names and codes in simple drop-down boxes rather than on half a dozen forms in half a dozen places. Imagine if employees were prompted by the system to completely fill in their form… rather than by you or your administrator?

With the form automatically being submitted to the right person immediately, tracking down information becomes a thing of the past.

Keep an Accurate Picture of the Progress of Your Project — At Any Time

When you’re working in a manual tracking system, it’s easy for a project to run away from you. As a manager, you may struggle to see the full scope — to track what your employees are doing and how productive they’re being. With delays and information that isn’t measured in real time, you may go over budget without meaning to.

Using the automated project billing and commission management system of ERP software, you can make adjustments in real time — before you go over budget. Your time and expense information will come to you instantly so you can make any necessary changes to the budget of your project as you need to.

Manage the Cash Flow of your Project

If you want to do more than stay afloat — if you want to thrive like you’ve always envisioned — you need to have a successful cash flow, one in which you receive prompt payment when a project wraps up.

With a manual time and expense system, you end up sending invoices out much later than the project’s end date because it takes so long to gather all the necessary information. In addition, you may get some information wrong, and send an invoice with errors.

With automated project billing, discrepancies are significantly reduced through the real-time tracking of data and automatic calculations

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