Five Reasons for Taking Your Warehouse Digital

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5 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Warehouse Management

Warehouse digital is no longer the future of supply chain warehousing. It’s the present. Upgrading your current, aging system to a mobile one is a very smart choice for your business. Here are five reasons why using a mobile warehouse management solution gives you a much-needed opportunity to improve the flow and also the functionality of your warehouse.

1- To Reach Much Higher Levels of Productivity

When your warehouse sits at the crossroads of the supply chain, an extremely high level of productivity is required to keep the entire operation running smoothly and efficiently. A mobile warehouse management system allows for greater productivity by automating many of the mundane tasks that can slow down the works. An innovative, digital system also helps tasks get completed faster. Plus, it is safer so you can focus on taking care of other important aspects of your business.

2- To Achieve Greater Accuracy

Automation equals greater levels of accuracy than have ever been achieved before. With so many logistics at play, managing the receiving, putting away, moving, and collecting of inventory items can be a nightmare to keep straight. An antiquated or piecemeal system also compounds this issue. However, with a completely digital mobile warehouse management system, hand entering data becomes a thing of the past. therefore, barcode generation and built-in error checks go even further achieve your quality assurance goals.

3- For the Enhanced Visibility

A wide-angle view of all your inventory gives much-needed visibility into the goings-on of your warehouse. A mobile warehouse management system tracks every shipment, case, and piece (even down to the architectural number). This precision also allows you to have better information. This is information that you need in order to make the best short and long-term decisions for your business.

4- For a Better Bottom Line

Accruing better bottom-line profits is one of the most significant end result of a mobile warehouse management installation. Therefore, savings on labor, time, lost or underutilized inventory, and storage space premiums add up to potentially huge financial gains.

5- To Stay Competitive

SupplyChainBrain recently published a quote by David Meyers. He is a top international supply chain consultant. He says,


“Technologies that were previously considered futuristic, overly complex, and unable to be financially justified are becoming mainstream. This is no longer “emerging technology”– it is here, it works, implementation is changing the supply chain. Warehouses, distribution center and fulfillment centers are accelerating their adoption of newer technology solutions. It is time for executives to reevaluate their initial assumptions across material handling and technology solutions.”

The fact is, your competitors are already implementing advanced technology into their own warehouses. Therefore, to remain a competitive force in your industry, using a mobile warehouse management system is key.

It’s time to take your warehouse into the digital age with ContractERP’s Warehouse Management Solution!