How Can an ERP System Help Your Company Grow Your Cash Flow?

The harder you work, the more money you’ll make — right?

Maybe not.

A better approach is to: “Work smarter, not harder.” Or, even better: “Work small, win big.”

But is this even possible? When you look at your company, it may seem outlandish to think you could reduce any of your many involved tasks.

But what if you could divide your most labor-intensive tasks into automated, repeatable tasks that are quite manageable? What if those huge processes are actually just busy work?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system takes that busy work off your plate by integrating your systems and data, while automating those time-consuming processes that are currently eating up your employees’ time and energy — as well as your own time and energy.

This essentially frees up your time and resources to grow your business and increase your cash flow — without raising your overhead.

Data Integration

When your accounting department uses a different system from your warehouse, and when your sales and customer service systems aren’t synced up, you — and everyone who works for you — end up spending a lot more time than necessary to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in your company.

An ERP system integrates all of your data so the right people can access the right data — in real time. You and your employees can feel confident making decisions which will improve cash flow. No more guesswork.

Imagine how quicker and more accurate decisions will help you keep your cash flow moving. No more holdups on shipments; no more delays in invoicing.

And making decisions faster than your competition will help you edge ahead.


If your current process requires re-entry of data throughout the departments, it becomes difficult to manage many aspects of your business, including customers’ ship dates and vendors’ lead times. This can put a big halt on your cash flow as coordination suffers.

With an ERP system, you only need to enter data once, and then that data can be retrieved at any time. Your warehouse will get your shipments out on time because you’ll actually have the right materials in stock, and your sales force will feel confident in making promises on shipping times, which will allow for stronger sales.

When each department has access to the right information, ensuring those ship dates and lead times coordinate smoothly becomes a simple part of your new process.

Consolidate Purchases

Inventory control is crucial when you’re in the door & hardware distribution and window & door manufacturing industries. Ordering too much or too little can significantly hurt your cash flow, not to mention your customer service.

When your warehouse is on a different operating system than your sales force, it’s easy to struggle with inventory control. Gathering data becomes a lengthy process of tracking down employees and numbers, and you don’t always get an accurate picture.

With an ERP system, your warehouse and sales data is integrated so you can get a clear picture of the inventory you already have, as well as the inventory you’re going to need.

When you know exactly what you need and when, you can consolidate purchases and avoid costly last-minute orders. Not only that, but you also will have negotiating power to get better volume pricing and favorable freight charges.

Customer Service

Cash flow simply doesn’t happen if you don’t have enough customers. With an ERP system, your sales force has access to data that helps them make smarter sales goals and approaches.

And your customer service team can also up their game, providing real-time answers to customers’ shipment questions and easily adjusting orders as your customers need to add or remove elements from their shipments.

Your customers will come to rely on your commercial building products business as a source that can help them to grow — which will translate to greater sales and cash flow for you.

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