How a ContractERP Solution Integrates with Detailing Software

Warehousing Challenges

One of the main considerations when choosing an ERP solution is how well it will integrate with your other business processes. For manufacturers of building materials, detailing software has revolutionized the way you can design and construct many structures like steel detailing and fabrication.

If you use powerful detailing software for your door and hardware or architectural openings business, how well does your software integrate with your other business functions?

For an ERP solution to be most effective, it needs to work in harmony with your other vital software tools. This is especially true with detailing software.

Why Should ERP Integrate Easily with Detailing Software?

You may be happy with your current detailing software. It’s likely highly specialized and powerful. Why not let your detailing software do what it’s good at. Then, let ERP do what it’s good at.

When your ERP system can integrate with all your vital business functions and tools, it becomes all the more powerful. For example, your ERP’s inventory tracking will compliment your detailing software and vice-versa. It’s not good business to keep different aspects of your company in their own separate silo. They should work together for optimal efficiency and profitability.

Complete Project Visibility

ContractERP’s project management capabilities allow you to look into the smallest details of an individual contract, in real-time. When integrated with your detailing software, you can also view how steel detailing and fabrication is coming along. Then, compare it with the project’s timeline, goals, inventory, and more. With access to a wide range of information, you will also be able to gauge a project’s profitability. This helps to make adjustments on the fly if necessary.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

One of the most powerful aspects of ContractERP is that it allows you to automate repetitive tasks. If your detailing software isn’t integrated with your ERP system, then you’ll find yourself re-keying in data. Plus, you have to constantly switch back and forth between multiple programs.

With ERP that works seamlessly with detailing software, it’s easy to export or import data and complex documents. Your detailing plans become a part of your workflow. This helps you access the information you need at your fingertips in order to make the best business decisions.

Read our Case Studies

You don’t have to take our word for it. ContractERP has helped businesses overcome many challenges, including poor integration with detailing software. In the case of A.G. Mauro Company, ContractERP integrated perfectly with their detailing software. This helped eliminate redundant re-keying of data.

Learn more about the capabilities of ContractERP by reading the case studies of a wide range of customers we’ve served over the course of our 20 years in business.

Work Small, Win Big

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