ERP Software Feature: Opening Level Tracking

When constructing a large building such as a school, retirement home, or office building, there are hundreds of door openings to consider. Exterior, interior, size, and hardware details are all considered and required for each of these openings. Managing all of the details is an immense challenge when maintaining correct and proper logistics throughout the life of the project.

Keeping track of every detail and every product from fabrication to billing will quickly become a necessity in order to maintain your profit (and sanity). This is where ERP software for the construction industry comes in handy.

What Should Be Tracked for Door and Hardware Distributors?

ERP software for door and hardware distributors can keep track of each door down to the opening level of the architectural plans throughout the entire life of the job.

Here is a list of the specifics that can be tracked in contractERP and why doing so will directly, and positively, benefit your business.

  • Each Door Opening by Its Number

When architectural drawings are completed, each door opening is assigned a number along with specifications (size, type, special components, etc).

ContractERP software tracks door opening numbers so that every door package (door, frame, hardware, special components, etc.) can be readily matched with every opening. Since the software also keeps track of interior and exterior doors which require separate specifications and components, there will never be any confusion knowing what goes where.

  • Each Piece of Hardware

Doorways include multiple pieces of hardware, such as hinges, screws, locks, and keypads. Each of these individual pieces is assigned an accompanying opening number.

It is all too common to receive random hardware pieces for the wrong door openings. However, by having the opening number attached to each component, it eliminates guesswork and the extra time it takes to get everything in the right place.

  • Products That Have Been Shipped, Received, and Billed

Since contractERP will track every door product and its coordinating opening throughout the entire build process, it’s easy for project and account managers to see both progress and hold ups.

Project managers will have a real-time view of when items are shipped and will be able to easily coordinate inventory levels accordingly. They can also see when items have been received.

Account managers will appreciate the ease of billing and payments. Everything they need is conveniently placed at their fingertips.

How Does contractERP Make It Easy for You?

Other ERP systems simply don’t have the tracking capabilities of contractERP and they definitely don’t do it all automatically for you.

By connecting with other systems and submittal software, contractERP provides a seamless integration that manages every spec and detail throughout the entire process. This provides project managers and account managers with not only a real-time, short-term view but also gives a proper view of the big picture. This gives you the ability to make informed, quick decisions.

See Our ERP Software in Action

Because door and hardware distributors often purchase (or custom fabricate) special order doors and parts for each new sales contract, using generic ERP software is not going to give your company the tools necessary to build your business.

ContractERP is a sophisticated system built specifically for your needs in the construction industry, giving you the confidence you need to solve problems, manage inventory, and reap the profits you have earned.

Try contractERP’s free demo for the door and hardware industry to see opening-level tracking in action.