ERP Software Feature: Managing Your Profit Margins Up Front

Knowing up front how much your company can make from a project before it is even accepted is a powerful way to ensure you always remain profitable. In fact, proper profit management increases your visibility, opens your options, and improves your cash flow.

ContractERP software for door and hardware distributors helps you see and manage your profit margins before work even begins, giving you all the control while also creating more opportunities for your company to grow more profitable.

Customizable for Each Job

Every job requires a different set of variables which can change drastically from one project to the next. That is exactly why contractERP software is highly customizable with every detail considered. This custom approach eliminates clunky go-arounds and complicated, error-riddled spreadsheets.

The software achieves high personalization. Plus, the powerful integration capabilities still provide a seamless transition into your existing structure and offer great stability to users.

Automate Data Entry and Calculations

With ERP software, you will always have full knowledge of how much your business will make on any given project. With automated data entry for details such as product cost and change orders, you will never have to resort to guesswork.

Another useful feature is that you can set and lock the profit margin percentage. That way, project managers can’t even accept a job unless it meets pre-approved profit requirements. Administrative approval is required for jobs that don’t meet the pre-approved profit requirement. This removes the chance of taking on a project that leaves you in the red.

All of the integrated, automated calculations go a long way in saving time so your employees can focus on more important tasks such as offering the highest levels of quality and customer service. You will also save a lot of money by being able to get by on fewer employees, lowering overhead costs.

The software eliminates errors. You will no longer be unclear, unorganized, and underwhelmed by where your profits stand.

Keep in mind that all of this happens in real time on the “cloud”. This means you will never experience a lag in receiving information down the pipeline. The system updates every specific immediately and directly in front of you. This allows you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Increases Profit Potential

Bidding on change orders can require a lot of time and effort, but with the adjustable profit percentage, you can easily account for your higher costs. The same goes for certain contractors that have been flagged. If someone is particularly difficult to work with, often causes delays, or tends to demand more work, the ERP software will take their history into account, adjusting your profit percentage accordingly.

Since scalability is essential in today’s business world, this cloud-based system will help your business achieve it in this dynamic manufacturing field where changes happen swiftly. Flexibility with changes such as project workloads, locations, and various work sites allows your company to grow without feeling many of the growing pains that can accompany it.

And since contractERP is based on the cloud, all of this information can be easily accessed on a smartphone or mobile device. This capability allows more accurate decision-making opportunities on the go and greater operational agility.

Find Out More

Because door and hardware distributors must purchase or build special order inventory for every new sales contract, your business requires specialized software that is personalized to your unique needs and tasks. When it does, you will have confidence in your decisions. Then, you will be able to focus on the areas that need your full attention. This software shows where your business is headed. Then, you can more easily tap into its capability for future growth.

To find out more about how contractERP software for door and hardware distributors can put you back in control by better managing your profit margins, request a free demo today!