How Does ERP Software Help Commercial Window & Door Manufacturers?

Manufacturing and constructing window and storefront systems for commercial buildings is a complicated, multi-faceted enterprise. Keeping track of regular inventory, special orders, and billing for all parts of the job can make anyone’s head spin.

As an owner or general manager of a window and door manufacturing company, you’ve worked hard to build a system that works for you. You rely on key staff to navigate the choppy waters of changing orders, demanding contractors, and complex operations. But when key employees leave, you are faced with the challenging job of training a new hire without sacrificing the level of service you promise your clients. Increased demands for faster service and customized orders, and your manufacturing operations strain the business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that was powerful enough to accommodate higher demands, yet simple enough for new employees to master quickly? What if there was a program diverse enough to implement throughout your entire organization, which allowed you to grow your profits without growing operations costs at the same time?

Specialized ERP Software Can Get You There

You’ve probably heard of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. You may already use some form of it in your business today. However, as a manufacturer, not all ERP systems can fit your needs. You don’t need a one-size-fits-all solution—you need specialized ERP software specifically tailored to your industry: the manufacturing of materials and equipment for commercial buildings.

ERP software provides a platform where you and your employees can get easy access to all aspects of your company, all in one place. Additionally, it automates many tasks (such as re-keying information) so you can save on labor costs and avoid costly errors. Best of all, it allows your business to take on more work without investing more resources—so you can grow your profits without having to raise overhead.

Here are some of the main benefits of a (specialized) ERP system for manufacturers:

1.     Visibility on All Projects

Not just visibility, but a window into the littlest details of any project. View a project all the way down to individual openings, whether an order has shipped, who’s signed for what, and what’s been billed. You can use this real-time information to anticipate problems and make informed decisions about your business. And instead of juggling all this information in your head (or relying on superstar employees to keep track of everything in their heads), you know it’s there and accounted for in the system, allowing you to take on a larger workload than you ever thought possible.

2.     Complete Access to Current Inventory

With changing orders and custom jobs, your inventory is in flux much of the time. With ERP software, you don’t have to track down inventory of foot—it’s all visible from your computer screen, where you can also make adjustments to individual orders and make purchases.

3.     Better Customer Service with “One-Click Access” to Every Aspect of Your Operation

When contractors call asking for a status update, don’t say you’ll get back to them. ERP software allows you to check on the status of any order with a click of the mouse. And since an ERP system is easy to learn, you can trust your employees to take customer service calls instead of handling them all yourself.

4.     Beefed-Up Progress Billing, Specifically Designed with Manufacturers in Mind

Ask any manufacturer—billing is one of the most frustrating aspects of the business. Unless done right, you can get stuck holding the bill of an expensive contract.

Manufacturers need something stronger than your run-of-the-mill accounting software. You need progress billing, which facilitates job change orders, special buyout order, and all the finances of complex commercial projects. ERP software allows you to keep track of the littlest details—like making sure you’re paid for your services.

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