ERP Software Feature: Direct Importing of Submittal Details

Each time a contractor awards a job to a door and hardware distributor, he or she enters the details of that job (order numbers, stock numbers, shipping dates, costs, price, etc.) into the detailing software.

Traditionally, the door and hardware distributor has to re-enter every piece of information from the “middle” software into their own project management system. It is understandable how this duplication of effort can cause a lot of frustration and wasted resources.

With the Direct Importing feature of ERP software, your staff no longer needs to hand-enter every specific detail on every single job. With the “push” of a button, all those details will automatically go from any “middle software,” directly into the ERP system with little effort on your part.

Saves Resources

Repetitive, duplicated work is a waste of time. There are only so many hours in the day to get things done. Spending those hours unwisely won’t get your business ahead.

Adding more employees is not the answer. This will limit your profitability. Between hiring, training, and customizing accounts, higher overhead and operating costs will really bog you down. Instead, scaling your processes to increase the bandwidth of your current employees will allow fast-paced projects to move along. This is without having to add overhead or slow down your other projects.

ContractERP’s Direct Importing feature instantly helps your team by automating mundane retyping tasks. This also allows your company to expand capacity and free up time to take on more work. You can now increase sales without adding new employees or overburdening current ones.

Reduces Errors with Direct Importing

Another benefit of auto-importing is that it can help anticipate possible problems before they become a big issue. It also eliminates the need to come up with time-intensive, clunky workarounds. This includes endless spreadsheets.

Instead, every bit of submittal data will be correct. Every report you pull will be clean. Quality products will result. Delivery times will shorten. Then, even customer service will improve. In the end, you get to save face as well as save money.

Shows Real-Time Information

Since contractERP is a cloud-based service, the information that is collected, stored, managed, and interpreted is all shown in real time…with no lags or delays.

Why is that such an advantage for your company? Your ERP system will receive and share information from other department programs and systems so that everyone will always be on the same page, collaboration will be improved, information will be correct, and reports will be complete and functional.

Another advantage to working in real-time is that it allows decision makers to have all the pertinent information right in front of them. Increased visibility at your fingertips allows project managers to make educated and financially sound choices quickly and confidently.

ContractERP Software for Door & Hardware Distributors

Increased competition demands shorter lead times, higher quality, and faster service, and it doesn’t take much to throw off the fine balance of your company’s workloads and profit margins.

A seemingly small improvement to your process can make a big difference in the sustainability of your business. ERP Software supports your workflow by allowing your company to improve efficiencies and regain margins.

Meeting the needs of everyone in your organization, contractERP Software for Door and Hardware Distributors is a tailored solution that will save time, reduce errors, and improve collaboration.

Request a free demo today to see how contractERP’s special features and functionality can improve the profitability of every one of your projects!