How ERP Software Can Help You Manage Change Orders

In the door and hardware business, change orders are a necessary, if unfortunate, part of doing business. They sure can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a consistent and streamlined process for handling them.

Not every ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution is equipped to handle complex change orders. This is one area where ContractERP separates itself from the pack. It provides industry-tailored functionality for building material manufacturers and distributors. This includes the ability to effectively and efficiently handle change orders without disrupting your project workflow.

How Does ContractERP Help You Manage Change Orders?

A change order has the potential to really throw a wrench in your project. We all know that life throws us curveballs. Contractors can change the details of a contract often for reasons that are out of anyone’s control. For example, weather conditions can delay the timeline for shipments. A contractor may find out they need fewer materials than previously thought halfway through a project.

Most owners and general managers have traditionally handled change orders by relying on key personnel. An effective project manager might have built a system of dealing with change orders that works well. However, relying too heavily on key employees can make it difficult to grow your business in the long run. ContractERP streamlines the change order process. This allows project managers to take on more work without sacrificing reliability. Since ContractERP is easy to learn how to use, it enables you to bring new employees up to speed faster when key personnel leave or retire.

Support for Complexity

Due to the nature of the Division 8 and door & hardware industries, generic ERP systems simply don’t have the capability to effectively handle the complexity of change orders. With an industry-tailored solution like ContractERP, you get support for the complexity inherent with change orders. When you need to make a change order, you can get a detailed view of how it will affect your timeline, inventory, and profitability of the project.

Progress Billing

Unfortunately, change orders can really complicate project billing. If you’re trying to juggle all the details of individual contracts on your own, it’s more likely that you’ll fail to bill a contractor for something. With progress billing combined with change order management, ContractERP gives you the peace of mind knowing that nothing is overlooked. Plus, you won’t be left holding the bill.

Work Small, Win Big

Change orders are just one aspect of ContractERP. It adds a layer of functionality that you won’t find in a generic ERP system. With the ability to effectively manage change orders, project managers will be able to increase their workloads. This allows you to grow your business without also growing expenses. You’ll be able to “Work Small and Win Big.”

Learn more about ContractERP’s unique software by downloading our latest whitepaper, or get in touch with us today and we’ll happily answer all your questions!