How Can ERP Software Help Me Gain Significant Competitive Advantages?

Special orders. It’s possible that they can account for up to 75% of your purchase orders as a commercial building materials supplier.

Nobody knows that better than ContractERP, and nobody knows how involved special orders can be using a manual or excel-based system. From checking inventory, communicating with the contractor, updating purchase orders and more, there are plenty of opportunities for a something to slip through the cracks.

In fact, your process may be different every time. You may have to come up with a special process for each and every special order that comes through. That’s not only mentally taxing, it’s an inefficient use of your time — time that could better be spent growing your business, or on your life outside of the business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from ContractERP provides you with significant advantages in the highly competitive building products industry.

Free Up Your Time Through ERP Software

Companies evolve over time, and a process that may have worked in the early stages of your company simply can’t work any longer.

As a business owner in the commercial building products industry, you are busier than ever. Customers expect quality products in a shorter amount of time. And when they make special adjustments to their orders, they still expect to receive their commercial building products quickly.

Not only that, but as you’ve grown, you have more employees, more departments, and more responsibilities on your plate.

The last thing you need to be doing is running around, talking to someone in every department, before you can move forward to make a decision or help a customer.

In-depth, Real-time Data

No more guessing. No more visits to the warehouse floor to see what’s in stock. With ERP software, you and your authorized employees can see the real-time numbers of your inventory in one place.

Imagine being able to make a purchasing decision after looking at information on one screen, rather than tracking down key employees who hold the information you’re looking for. Imagine the time you’ll save, and the confidence you’ll have that you’re making a decision you can uphold.

Robust Purchasing

No more mental checklists every time you need to customize an order.

Currently, a special customization might involve walking to the warehouse and finding out if you have the correct materials in stock. If you don’t have the right materials, you might have to manually fill out an order form.

And don’t forget to update the contract, figure out the new billing, and create a new invoice! And somewhere in there, make sure your accounting department knows about your changes.

Exhausted yet?

With ERP software, you can eliminate the mental checklists and heavy hassle that seem to just be part of these situations. ERP software eliminates redundant tasks with a centralized, integrated purchasing system.

ContractERP’s software combines intuitive and integrated purchasing with progress billing so you can:

  • Manage your inventory
  • Fulfill on special orders
  • Follow up on billing
  • And more

And the best part? You can do all of this through a centralized interface.

Save Money with ERP Software

With ERP software, you not only save time and headaches, but you save money as well. Relying on multiple systems and procedures almost always guarantees something will fall through the cracks — and that “something” will typically be your profits.

Not only does an ERP system provide you with a more secure way of doing business, but automating processes allows you and your employees to spend time on more worthwhile pursuits — like growing your business.

And knowing you have this system in place allows you to feel confident that you won’t grow quicker than you can manage. You’ll be able to handle what comes your way.

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