ERP Software Feature: Component Level Product Management for Door & Hardware Distributors

Your company’s needs are not always straightforward or seen in black and white. Not every project fits neatly into a non-custom contractor software program. Additionally, using multiple spreadsheets with all of their potential for confusion and user error doesn’t help, either.

This is where contractERP software comes into play and shines. Access It designed it  specifically for product management door & hardware distributors and all of their unique needs. Also, this system features product management all the way down to the component level. The software tracks each individual piece throughout the duration of the process of assembly and all the way to installation.

Tracking both the individual components and the assembled “parent” products throughout this process can be tricky. No other ERP software program can do that. However, contractERP software boasts the ability to do this. This is exactly what you need in order to keep on top of all the distinct demands asked of you and your distribution business.

Tracking Individual Components

Some of your fulfillment orders made by clients are for finished products. These are composed of various individual components assembled together into one final piece. For example, if a client orders a door frame, you may need to ship or deliver one piece comprised of three separate pieces welded together. Another example is a door knob, which requires several smaller components to make it whole.

ContractERP software follows and tracks each component from the very beginning of a project and throughout its duration. This also includes the stages of planning, ordering or manufacturing, and assembling. Doing so allows for more efficient inventory management, more accurate lead time scheduling, and more operating capital.

Tracking Assembled Products

Tracking doesn’t stop once the client assembles the components into one final product. It continues all the way through shipment, delivery, and installation. contractERP does this by utilizing automatic barcoding, scanning, and data entry. This proves beneficial when ordering inventory, adjusting manufacturing and delivery schedules, and keeping clients up-to-date on their orders.

All of this tracking is automatic. Therefore, no need for duplicate entries. The system flawlessly and effortlessly integrates into other contract software. Thus, this saves much-needed time that can be better used elsewhere such as upping quality control and increasing customer satisfaction.

Done in real time through the cloud, tracking your components and assembled products has never been more accurate. Offering the ability to view every piece without any lag or downtime is indispensable in today’s fast-paced manufacturing and distribution industries.

Build a Recorded Demo

By coordinating and tracking your individual components with their assembled parent products, contractERP software for door and hardware distributors gives you control over your inventory and operating capital while, at the same time, giving you the power to create more opportunities for your company.

But don’t take our word for it. Build your own custom-recorded demo to immediately view the software in action and also see the possibilities. This will open the doors to decreased overhead, increased profits, and also an exciting future of business growth in the door and hardware distribution sector.