Four Common Warehouse Challenges…Solved!

warehouse supply issues

Suppliers often have to deal with some common, yet aggravating, warehouse challenges. Let’s take a closer look at four of those challenges and how ContractERP’s Warehouse Management System can help solve each of them for the betterment of your business.

1- Order Picking Takes Too Long

Whether it’s hard to find the precise location of a needed item or the path taken to retrieve it takes too long, order picking can be a big hassle and time suck. This is especially true when special orders and bone pile items are stashed in any old place since no one knows what else to do with them.

With a proper warehouse management system, every item (even non-standard goods) will be automatically assigned the most efficient storage location and pickers will be directed right to it via the quickest (and safest) route. This is even the case across multiple warehouse facilities, each with its own limitations taken into account.

2- There are Too Many Form Errors

Using paper forms and passing them through multiple hands at each stage of a job can quickly become a nightmare. Not only is there a high risk of losing important documents, but forms that are handwritten are often rife with errors. This is even true of excel worksheets and piecemeal systems that rely on hand-keyed information.

Automation and barcode scanning is a quick fix to all the above-mentioned challenges. Not only that, but new warehouse management systems reduce multiple processes and eliminate redundancies.

3- The Data Output is Incomprehensible

If you only have a narrow view of your inventory, you run the risk of either running out stock or carrying too much stock. These problems quickly increase expenses and decrease cash flow. Another issue with bad data is the inability for it to help you make wise business decisions. Unclear reports (or no reports at all) keep you in the dark regarding everything going on in your warehouse.

A mobile warehouse management system keeps every bit of information updated in real time. The easy-to-read charts and graphs keep you thoroughly in the know, while the mobile aspect allows access wherever you happen to be. In every meeting, whether at the office or on-site with a client, you’ll be informed and able to make smart decisions on the spot.

4- Your Current System Isn’t Keeping up With Business Growth

You’ve had to incorporate patches and less-than-ideal workarounds in order for your system to keep up with your company’s growth. You also suspect that this may be holding you back from scaling optimally and attaining higher revenues.

A new warehouse management system that uses architecture that is designed with full flexibility and scalability opportunities at its core is exactly what you need for your business to reach its full potential.

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