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Company Name:
Bunting Door & Hardware Co., Inc.

Distributor of Wood & Hollow Metal Doors & Architectural Hardware

Baltimore, MD

System(s) Replaced:


Bunting Door & Hardware

“The inventory tracking and procurement functionality in contractERP has allowed us to reduce our inventory through improved inventory management processes, even as we grow our business. As a benefit, we were able to reclaim warehouse space and fit out additional offices.”

Chad EplerChief Operations OfficerBunting Door & Hardware

Customer Success:

  • Real-time data is a perfect fit for industry’s old school, high-tough sales and service model.
  • Warehouse distribution efficiencies have cut need for warehouse space by 50% allowing room for additional growth in office space.
  • Summary reports are available instantly, compared to up to multiple days previously.
  • Improved supply chain and procurement processes leading to improved inventory management and demand planning capabilities.


  • Outdated Comsense process required time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry and supplied little visibility into business performance.
  • Disparate data sources made analysis of sales and operation activities cumbersome and inaccurate.
  • Rapid growth strained legacy Comsense system, which required additional manual spreadsheets.
  • Challenged inventory control procedures tied up excessive amounts of capital in unmanageable inventory.
  • Payments and invoicing through old system was time consuming, hurting staff productivity, and slowing cash flow.


  • Bunting Door & Hardware replaced Comsense with contractERP and designed new business processes to take advantage of end-to-end integration.
  • Solution now supports rapid changes in work orders and materials.
  • Reporting lets managers analyze and prioritize suspended or waiting projects to maximize profitability and optimize resource utilization.