Breakdown of the Billing Solutions Inside An ERP Software

Time-consuming. Complicated. Error-ridden.

These are just some of the words that describe the billing databases and spreadsheets of yesterday. Fortunately for your business’ bottom line, the billing solutions in today’s ERP software far surpass the limited capabilities of non-industry-specific workarounds.

Here are some of the ERP software billing solutions you can count on to keep your company in the black!


For a big savings of money and time (and headaches!) billing integration is key. No longer will your employees be required to hand enter and re-enter billing data and details. Instead, a streamlined process that includes integration from a variety of platforms does all the work for you. This also makes sure you’re being paid correctly and on time.

When it comes to AIA billing and the challenges that come along with it, no longer will change orders and contract adjustments leave you footing the bill. Also, ERP software takes into account the many specifications like billing progressions for each contract individually. This is even down to the opening numbers designated on the architectural plans.

This billing functionality will also group product categories together (such as hardware, frame, and door packages) while keeping simple and accurate records for you.


With ERP billing solutions, you will quickly find that your employees are no longer overworked from focusing so much of their time and energy on mundane and repetitive tasks. Now, they are better able to keep up with the more important demands. This includes running the office and dealing with customers.

Since Access IT designed contractERP for your highly specialized industry, the complex tasks are already built in. This reduces the occurrence of errors and increases speed and accuracy. Therefore, you will never have to worry about your invoices and accounts receivable notices being lost.

Also, when it comes to tracking and managing retainage fees for each contract, no other ERP software can compare.


Viewing each project, each contract, and each inventory detail with ease, the advanced billing solutions of ERP software will help you see exactly where you are over budget and under paid. Having this information at your fingertips will quickly become an invaluable tool to aid you in reaching higher profits for your business.

Seeing the complete financial details of each project individually, as well as overall, is imperative to knowing where your business stands at any given time. It will also greatly aid in the ability to make educated decisions quickly and accurately at every step of the way. Plus, doing all of this remotely and in real time is even better!