Mobile Warehouse Systems are the Key to Better Product Flow

warehouse management

If there is no organization in your warehouse product flow, you are likely losing money. Effective warhouse management works like a well-oiled machine. If you find your warehouse consistently hitting snags, it may be time to re-evaluate your warehouse processes and innovate.

Put a Warehouse Management System In Place

A good warehouse management system can completely change the way you run your warehouse. The mobile warehousing systems offered by ContractERP give you total organization in the palm of your hand. These mobile warehousing systems couple smart work with hard work, and give you useable data and organizational tools. Completely catered to your specific needs, a mobile warehousing system can help solve your product flow problems by giving you an efficient warehouse management system.

Pick a product flow shape & look for weak spots

Pick a U-shaped product flow or L-Shaped product flow. After you pick a product flow shape, work to address problem areas in your product flow. Is your product spending too much time at the docks? Are your picking procedures too flexible or too rigid? A good warehouse management system is forward-looking. Is your company thinking about what is coming next? Or are you too busy trying to care of what is happening now?

As you find the weak spots in your product flow, address them. Reduce time spent at the docks and implement better, forward-looking picking procedures. As you smooth out the system, you begin to eliminate costly mistakes. Anything that you can do to cut down on travel time, dead time or any steps that can be combined or eliminated saves you time and money.

Work with your team and the data provided to you by the mobile warehousing systems to come up with an organizational structure that works for your company. A women’s clothing company will have drastically different shipping needs than an animal feed company. Don’t try to fit your warehouse into someone else’s mold. When you create and implement a product flow system that is tailored to your company and your products.

Training is Key

Want your new product flow to stick? Make sure you train your employees. You can have the most perfect system in the world, but if no one else knows how it works or what part they individually play, the system will fall apart. Update existing employees on the new procedures and train new employees extensively from the start. Employees who understand the processes and the product flow are empowered to make smart decisions when problems arise.

Save yourself time, money, resources, and a major headache by putting a better product workflow into place. Better product flow begins withbetter warehouse management, and better warehouse management begins with mobile warehousing systems.