Company Details

Company Name:
Beacon Metals

Doors, Frames, Hardware and Security

Salt Lake City, UT

System(s) Replaced:
Mast 90


Watch this video to learn how Beacon Metals uses contractERP®

Beach Metals

“We grew by over 20% and there is no way we would have been able to make this transition with the old software.  There is just nothing else out there that makes this information so readily and easily available.  Any viable distributor in our industry has to take a look at this system.”

Ken RichesCEOBeacon Metals

Customer Success:

  • Beacon Metals grew by over 20% since implementing contractERP® to replace disparate old software and Excel spreadsheets.
  • contractERP®’s role-based profiles provide flexibility for personnel to manage warehousing, sales, procurement and other vital functions.
  • Business now has scalable, complete business management system to support its continued expansion.
  • Complete visibility into order management system across the organization, letting employees place an order or look at inventory in an easily navigable system.


  • Lack of real-time visibility into time and expenses made it difficult to forecast profitability
  • Lack of up-to-date information and data caused slowdowns in handling customer project-status inquiries and change orders.
  • As a services company, Beacon Metals required sophisticated revenue recognition support.
  • Required multisite inventory management and scalable, unified platform.


  • Improved visibility to all projects resulted in improved customer service and the ability to handle more work.
  • Established strong inventory control solution with new stringent company wide procedures.
  • Dashboard functionality allows the company to report for the whole group, down to individual KPIs for increased accountability.
  • Complete account transparency to managers, including all transaction and invoice history, reducing manual reporting demand on finance staff.