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Business software for suppliers of commercial building products and services

contractERP® is an ERP business software for distributors, manufacturers, and service organizations that provide construction material and equipment to commercial projects.

Unlike most ERP solutions, contractERP® supports the unique business needs of contract or project selling, which is frequently used by distributors and manufacturers within the construction product industry.

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Construction Industries
Facility Construction
Division 5- Metals
Division 6- Wood, Plastics and Composites
Division 7- Thermal and Moisture Protection
Division 8- Openings- Doors and Windows
Division 9- Finishes
Division 10- Specialties
Division 11- Equipment
Division 12- Furnishings
Division 13- Special Construction
Division 14- Conveying Equipment

Facility Services
Division 21- Fire Suppression
Division 22- Plumbing
Division 23- HVAC
Division 25- Integrated Automation
Division 26- Electrical
Division 28- Electronic Safety & Security

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Featured Industry:

Architectural Openings

contractERP® provides highly specialized functionality needed to support the special needs and nuances for manufacturers, distributers, installers, or servicers within the architectural opening / fenestration & security industry.

Explore how contractERP® combines the features you need with our experience and services, to create a software solution that can help your door and hardware company reach new levels of efficiency and profitability.

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